Welcome, Dreamers

A dragonfly larvae lives entirely in water, breathing water. When it enters metamorphosis, it is forced out of the water into the air, air it thinks it cannot breathe. It thinks it is going to die. Once it transforms, it can never enter the water again – or it will die. So too is the barrier of life and death. We know now that there is another life waiting for us. And unlike the dragonfly, we now have a way to speak to those who have crossed over – whether in ancient times or yesterday.

If you have received your dragonfly unit and have activated your dragonfly software or phone ap, you can log into our site here and enter the exciting world of cross-world communication, or “dragonflying” as we like to call it. Join our Twitter feed at @DeeEffNet and any time you have a dragonfly dream, you can tweet us and we will put out the call. Hopefully another keen dragonflier can add to or help complete the puzzle, or can help us complete the dream-memory. It’s spirituality decentralized, so that the messages from the dragonflies can be made whole by all our dreaming nymphs.

If you’re looking for information on how to buy or order an implant, head to dragonfly.com to find answers to all your questions. This page is for dragonfliers who are ready to fly!


DRAGONFLY, DF, Dragonfly logo and DeeEffNet are trademark CDesign Corporations Ltd.



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